RECK Filmproductions

RECK Filmproductions in Zurich was founded in 2000 by Franziska Reck and focuses mainly on the development and production of documentary and experimental film – especially film essays – for cinema and television.

Franziska Reck has been actively involved in the world of film for twenty years, energetically promoting independent filmmaking in Switzerland. Beginning as a film distributor at the Filmcoopi in Zurich (1983—1990), she continued building up the distribution and promotion of Swiss films as director of the IGV/CID (1993-2000) and as freelance film producer herself (since 1990).

RECK Filmproductions stands for – and features – interest in the lifestyles and the diverse forms in which people express themselves, as well as the fascination in images – whether documentary, staged or experimental in nature. In the centre of the search are human encounters, images depicting what happens when different cultures come together.

Filmography of RECK Filmproduktion

2010 BÖDÄLÄ – DANCE THE RHYTHM by Gitta Gsell, documentary
2009 ISA HESSE-RABINOVITCH – The Movie Game by Anka Schmid, documentary
2008 FEDERICA DE CESCO by Nino Jacusso, documentary
2008 MONSIEUR SELAVY by Peter Volkart, short film
2008 MUSIKLIEBE by Yusuf Yesilöz, documentaryv
2007 RAJA'S REISE by Karl Saurer, documentary
2006 SWEEPING ADDIS by Corinne Kuenzli, documentary
2006 ZWISCHEN DEN WELTEN by Yusuf Yesilöz, documentary
2005 IRENE SCHWEIZER by Gitta Gsell, documentary
2005 TERRA INCOGNITA by Peter Volkart, short film
2004 NAMIBIA CROSSINGS by Peter Liechti, film essay
2003 DIETER ROTH by Edith Jud, documentary
2002 ONOMA by Nino Jacusso and Gitta Gsell, 9 short films for Expo 02
2001 VIRUS-L by Gitta Gsell, experimental short film
2000 TRANSITO by Nino Jacusso,  documentary
1996 A PROPOS DE JOYE by Isolde Marxer, documentary
1992 TRAUMZEIT by Franz Reichle, documentary

In production

2005 – 2010 MIT DEM BAUCH DURCH DIE WAND by Anka Schmid, documentary
2007 – 2010 WENN DER HALBMOND SPRICHT by Sandra Gysi and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, documentary
Filmausschnitt Bödälä - Dance the rhythm 4
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