Dr. John Cullinane

... from Cork/Ireland has been dancing since he was eleven years old. When he was young, his teacher hit him on his knees whenever he lifted his legs higher than knee level. Today the dancers kick their legs as high as their heads. John Cullinane began to write about the Irish Dance when he realized that there was absolutely nothing recorded as to the historical background of this dance. His experiences and his commitment as dancer and dance teacher in Cork flow into his stories about the history of the Irish dance. Dr. John Cullinane teaches at the University of Cork in Ireland. He is a Master in the Irish Dance and Vice Chairman of the Irish Dance Commission. He continues to fight for recognition and appreciation of this folk dance – both in the media and among the public. He is pleased that the whole world discovered the dance through the Riverdance show. He still remembers the times when he taught in Cork for very little money and when the dance form was totally ignored by the public.  

John Cullinane
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